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The long-awaited lp, "thy merciful teeth" is now available!

Hays' clear voice and intricate melodic sensibilities suit each other well. His lyrics get at you on a deep level... This is advanced music-making with so much heart it hurts, and you love how it hurts.”

Chuck Hoffman, The Centipede Farmer

Pythias Braswell is music, words, and images discovered and cultivated by Michael C. Hays. This material has been sorted from the wreckage of many voyages into the imposing but fertile silences of human consciousness. Much can be learned by observing the patterns of Will as it moves in the flesh of living beings. Presented here are some of the more useful findings. 


Thy Merciful Teeth

Pythias Braswell

The long awaited mortality-counter-acting archive of minor suffering and major reverence in the flaming face of All. Recorded in Catskill, NY at Old Soul Studios!
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"I will be your friend"

A moment from the Hudson Valley Album Liberation Tour 

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